KK Monster – Fishing Magnet – 1800 lbs (800kg) [PRO] **Available USA ONLY**

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USD $79.99

✅ STRONGEST N52 RARE EARTH MAGNET: Recover lost treasures and historical artifacts with our ultra-powerful magnet! Depending on the shape and size of the metal object, it’ll pull up to 1800-2000 lbs from under water!

✅ MAGNET FISHING PROS: Without a doubt, you need our large and mighty magnet, but you’ll also need our effective thread locker.

✅ HEAVY DUTY AND SUPERIOR CRAFTMANSHIP: For your fishing adventures, trust King Kong Magnetics to have the best magnet for fishing! It’s made of pure neodymium, a rare Earth element, that’s steel-plated for rustproof longevity.

✅ INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: You won’t find a stronger magnet for the money! It’s the strongest magnet you’ll ever need for detecting and catching metal articles way below the water’s surface, items that may have been underwater for centuries!

✅ PURCHASE GUARANTEE: We are a GENUINE family business that cares about our customer. Our magnets are backed by our 100% guarantee. We focus on INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE 🙂


Add Magnetic Fishing to Your Next Excursion!

Add another sport to your great outdoor experiences! Magnet fishing is like playing with a metal detector in the sand, only you’ll be skimming the surface of lakes, rivers and the ocean’s bottom! You’ll likely find valuables from history that no one else would have ever known about! Perhaps you’ll come across weapons, coins, jewelry and assortments of relics! Have even more fun the next time you’re out on the water!

All-in-One Magnet Fishing Gear!

Kit Contents:

  • Fishing Magnet with Pulling Strength up to 1800 lbs (800 kg)
  • 34FL OZ (10 ml) Premium Thread Locker

Our reliable thread locker holds tight to protect the magnet’s eye nut and bolt from loosening.

High Quality Magnet with Supreme Strength!

Our pure neodymium magnet is encased in protective stainless steel since neodymium will rust quickly. Together, these materials create a magnet with a concentrated magnetic pull, so it’s pulling strength is increased. Use it to pull items up to 1800 pounds! Of course, the pulling strength is dependent upon the object’s shape, thickness and surface quality, but we guarantee that it’ll suck most metal objects without any struggle at all.

Purchase King Kong Magnetics Fishing Magnet Kit Today!

Have it ready to go for your next camping, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, tubing, jet skiing and surfboarding adventures! Whether you’re on the shores of the lake or sailing over the ocean’s waters, you’re going to love fishing for treasures with this powerful magnet and all the included gear you need to have fun!

Check out the strength of our strongest EVER fishing magnet!

KK Monster - Awesome Pulling Strength!

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2 reviews for KK Monster – Fishing Magnet – 1800 lbs (800kg) [PRO] **Available USA ONLY**

  1. James

    I’m sure this magnet is worthy of its name . All of your magnets are . Just wanted to drop a positive line for y’all since you didn’t have any reviews on this . Keep up the great work hope to be try some with my kids soon


  2. Danny R. Hicks Jr

    Once I got my hands on the KK Double 1200lb magnet I fell in love. Starting a YouTube channel and will ONLY use this brand. I will forever be a lifelong customer, and look forward to promoting this brand so others will feel the same love I do for the quality of these magnets!

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