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King Kong Magnetics was created to inspire people from all walks of life to experience the joy of magnet fishing! Starting from humble beginnings, we have a clear mission:

To get 1 million people off their phones, off the couch, out of their bedrooms and into the great outdoors!

We think that magnet fishing is a fantastic way to socialise, meet people, spend time with your friends and family and even to encourage children from all walks of life to have fun and focus on something worthwhile.


Born out of Australia where we have some of the most rugged, harsh conditions on the planet (as well as beautiful beaches!) King Kong Magnetics know how to make products that last.

We aim to stock THE BEST in magnet fishing products so our customers can focus on having fun. No more worrying about the quality of what they have bought.

We LOVE to delight our customers with amazing Customer Service too. We believe that this is the foundation of a successful business.


After our grand opening in 2018, we now provide products for customers across the globe, securing warehouses in China, Australia and our main market, the United States. 

We are an ever expanding business, looking to develop our product line and stock the latest powerful rare earth neodymium magnets.

We are expanding to Europe soon as we continue to spread our message and encourage people to take up the hobby of a lifetime!


We are hobbyists, gadget lovers, travellers, photographers obsessed with the different creative possibilities made available to us in this beautiful world we live in.

From our CEO, Management, Ambassadors all the way to our customer service team – we all share the hunger and love of the outdoors, our families and having fun!

Come join us and help us spread the word....

Magnet Fishing ROCKS!